Five step communication method that spurs results in a minute or less.

We live in the age of ideas.

A time when there is so much to say, but so little time to listen. The key to sustainable success comes down to your ability to put big ideas in a few well-selected words. This becomes your personal language of leadership.

Communication is like a prism: five sides capable of taking a simple beam of light and creating magical colors and a new perspective.

Find your narrative.

Prism methodology makes it easy for others to tell the story for you. Kind of like watching your favorite movie for the 50th time and loving every minute of it.

Generate growth through building relationships.

Rapport doesn’t come easy. Teaching you how to conduct media interviews is imperative to generating the kind of relationships that attract investors. You don’t want to approach the media as a game to be won. Remember, they own the satellite.

Inspire your audience.

Investing in ideas takes a certain kind of mysticism. The two keys to a successful presentation or panel discussion are preparation and performance. Adhere to the process and you’ll undoubtedly be the one they’re raving (or whispering) about in the hallway at the break.

Find your executive presence.

Strengthen your leadership voice in a way that inspires and creates momentum and you’ll unveil the best version of you.

Protect brand reputation during times of change.

Managing your identity in crisis mode is essential to sustainable growth. When the spotlight is bright, the story has to be right.

Today everyone you meet is a virtual reporter.

That means you’re always on. So we created The HEADLINERS: uniquely entertaining communications training delivered through the power of humor, music, and education.